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10 reason’s why I love the blues.

I love to listen to Jazz radio when I am working, but I love the Blues. The journey of blues music or genre has been a very arduous one. The primary reason is well of-course racial, as it has it’s origins are in the slaves of black america. It has been said that if the English/British guys hadn’t started playing electric blues, than the blues genre wouldn’t have got the respectable place now it commands in the history of music.

I got into blues very late in life, a close friend introduced me to this genre and since I have been blown over. I will talk about my favourite blues songs/singer on a Podcast which I am planning since some time.

So why do I love the blues? I am pondering here…

  1. I maybe sad, and feel I have got company when I listen to these guys singing about their hard times or the woman who has left him.  
  2. The blues are very useful and not vague and stupid. It talks about real life & not fantasy. In a sense its very rooted and is doesn’t delve on escapism.  
  3. I like the piano as well as guitar blues, the 12 bar music gets me grooving.  
  4. I honestly think the blacks have more sense of rhythm and I believe it is more original, Jazz is basically pretentious white blues music. (no offence meant, love Jazz too)  
  5. Blue is my favourite colour. 
  6. It respects woman, I haven’t come across a single blue song where the woman is not respected, unlike rock or hip hop which is very abusive.
  7.  The blues can be excellent means of expressing your immediate problems or a very topical current issue, hence it can be a awesome tool for social change.  
  8. Because Rock & Roll was inspired by the Blues.  
  9. Being a blues guitarist is more difficult than a rock guitarist.  
  10. Blues is as simple as it gets, its cheeky, its smart, it gives a chance for ordinary people to become smart.