दूदोगे तो सब कुछ मिलता है

An elderly gentleman said ”दूदोगे तो सब कुछ मिलता है”  . Is it true we will find what we are searching for, if we search hard enough? But nevertheless this phrase is stuck in my head for sometime now, and I am thinking about smarter ways to search.

Everyone is searching for something or the other, the more profound one’s are looking for the meaning of our lives, and the mundane are searching for pots of money.

So I do my searches with google, no wonder internet is so popular with some, it can certainly help you find people, information, entertainment, mostly anything which is in English. My dependence on internet is so much, that I have forgotten the traditonal means of search (actually I never learned that skill), like asking for help and references from people I know. Its considered a bit rude and you might be snubbed by this cool rebuttal why dont you do a search on google” .

I know how search works in the virtual world, use the right keywords and you are almost there (if what you are looking for is in english).

 How does one call up people for information and answers without offending or pestering them?? What are the keywords in the physical world I have got to use? I certainly dont like a ” NO” for an answer!

Suggestions are welcome!