5 Star Meditation

At home there are too many bothers, home reminds me of all the things
I need to do, there is always a big TODO list at home. Would you
believe it I even have to get up and take my own glass of water and
make my own beverage or use the airconditoner remote to adjust the

Then there is the 5 star service. They are always eager to upgrade you
to a better plane of wellbeing and existence. Its not that they
haven’t been affected by the city ailments but they are the best
places in mumbai to be. Example : When I complain, “There is too much
noise in the lounge because of the IPL and also besides your coffee
shop, you have the banquets where “shell india” is doing some kind of
thingamajig where corporates slaves in red uniform are let loose and
WTF you even have a baisakhi festival adding to the chaos! what is
this place coming to?” The beautiful customer service lady who smiles
to you like Madhuri Dixit (who you fall in love immediately) tells
you, ” Sir, Try the wine bar, thats the quietest place you can find”.

You are given the best possible place with a view of the city, a place
where at a distance you can witness the mad city and the ocean or the
lake. You are in control of the city for once, here you can block the
noise, and the disgusting smell which haunts us the moment we are out
in the city. Someone brings you a big tall glass of beverage with no
expense sparred on the ice-cubes and you are already meditating on
cloud no. 9. When you finally have meditated enough , you can take a pee break,
there is always a man in the mens room to look after you, to rescue
you incase your pee apparatus gets jammed in the zipper, he
understands you are not in this world. He will wish you niceties and
then offer you liquid soap and then some tissues to clean you hands,
he even notices your hands are not fully dry and asks you if you would
like one more tissue. He intuitively senses how important it is for
your hands to scrupulously clean when you go back to meditate.

After the meditation is done, you glide back to reality ask whether
you need to pay, they inform you ” No Sir, you have given positive
energy to this place, the drink is on us” . Someone gets your car, and you drive away with 5 star state of mind.