A Midnight Buffet

They met at a conference. It was a shallow connection. The only thing that interested her was that he was in to Salsa dancing. She expressed interest that she would like to check out the Salsa scene in Mumbai while she was here.

Soon they were at a Salsa place. She wasn’t really a dancer but he thought she had a good time at the Salsa dance Party. After the party she said, I want to check out the midnight Buffet at this place. She had her plans pre thought out. While she must have been at-least 15/20 years younger to him, She was the one who knew what she wanted, until the midnight buffet.

The Midnight Buffet talks

They hadn’t really gotten much to talk with the loud music at the club, now in the quietude of the 5 star restaurant she started talking. This was when the penny dropped. He realised that he was with a teenager with teenage issues. She talked about her problems with her parents and her life.

He felt he was struck by a sledge hammer. He couldn’t relate at all to what was happening. He wanted out, but how could he leave the young girl and leave. But eventually the midnight buffet ended at 3pm. As the valet was getting the car, he was furious, he didn’t like how the evening had gone. He decided to do some Adult talk.

The Ride back to home

They both sat in the car and headed to drop her at her place. He made the move. He caught her hand, and asked her if she wanted to go to his home? He admired her for her calmness, she was not scared of much older guy who wanted her. She calmly shook her head in “No”. He thought maybe she isn’t sure and just shy. He again took her hand and requested her to spend the night at his place. This time her NO was firm.

He knew this was it. He had his adult talk and now should drop her home. But still he didn’t like the idea of the cold bed home. He asked her once again, she said NO.

They didn’t speak much, he dropped her and went home. He didn’t feel bad. He knew she was firm and he had no chance of a one night stand.