A stranger comes to town.

A stranger comes to town.


I saw this stranger asking for directions. She was from South Korea, Seoul she said, she wanted to go to a place in Matunga where she was going to stay in a cheap guesthouse.

I offered her a ride as I wanted to know how it feels to be a stranger in the town. I realised that she was quite courageous, she wasn’t afraid, she was tiny slender girl carrying a huge haversack which I thought was probably heavier than her. I asked her if I could help her with it. She said “No”.

She told me how she was groped on a Delhi public transport bus by strangers. I thought “locals sure know how to take advantage of a stranger”. She was visiting a few countries in Asia all alone, I admired her courage.

I dropped her in to her guesthouse, I saw it was small flat with all windows closed and 4/5 men sitting in the living room watching TV. I asked the guy who managed the guesthouse, isn’t there a woman here , he said no, your Korean friend is the only one. I was perturbed, I asked the girl if she was okay and confident if she could stay here? She said it was cheap and she was on a budget. I said bye and never saw her again.