An idea a day can keep the zombie feeling away!

I dont know if you ever feel this way, a feeling like your brain has slipped off your head or if it is jammed and paralysed. You are not able to think anything, and can only watch TV or stare at the computer screen.

So yesterday I was thinking about a solution to this problem, I had this idea hitting me, and suddenly, I saw myself come alive, widely awake, my mind racing to execute the idea. It was an idea, where I will be adding considerable value to my current business model and create a new revenue stream. I immediately jumped and started the work and implemented a beta model of sorts. So an idea is basically a solution? 

The critical part about an idea is of course its delivery, any idiot can come up with ideas, its really no big deal. But delivering the idea to the final stage is what creates value, The thing about idea’s is that it will HIT YOU when you least expect it, one has to completely relaxed, with no presssure of any sorts.

So how do I reach this stage of complete relaxation, without going through the zombie stage. Are there short-cuts? I know all the crap about hardwork, but once again “are there any short-cuts where you can reach this relaxed stage so your mind becomes a factory churning out ideas.

Executing is a different ball game altogether, if you are going to need a team, there are chances that your idea’s will be sabotaged and somewhere lost. For execution you might need a team, resources to raise finance, contact to get the due dilegence done and other mundane and important stuffs!

Yesterday as I was watching Seth Godin video on a similar topic, where he suggests that if you dont want your ideas to fizzle out, make sure you thrash them initially rather than at a later stage, then the effort required to execute the idea is like going downhill. 

An idea can make you come alive, but if executed successfully, can add 5 stars to your confidence.The execution part need not be drudgery, it can divided into small units of meme to make it interesting and interactive.

But again how do I generate enough ideas on a consistent basis, so I don’t run out of steam, and that’s what I hate about my brain!!!