Are you responsible for your Bad Luck?

I hate self help books. But I think I am feeling down, I was feeling that I am not giving 100% to what I do. Then I saw this book “ The 10X Rule” at a shop. I thought this is what I want, I want to perform 10X of my current output.

I take it easy, I like to listen to music, Read everyday for 2/3 hours. I don’t like working like a mad man. But I know this is the price you pay to be successful. So I picked up this book and said maybe it will help me work at 10X my current speed.

So the chapter which said don’t play the victim.

I have never thought of myself a victim. But then author says all your bad luck is created by yourself. I agreed. He cites the example of car accident. He says of all the thousands of car. It was your car which got involved in the accident, because it was your subconscious mind which decided to leave at the particular time and be present at that particular spot driving at a particular speed to make the accident happen. So don’t play the victim game.

My List of so called Bad Lucks

I only realise the catastrophe I have faced when people remind me of it. Otherwise I generally feel happy just to be alive. One elderly person said, If there was someone else who had gone through all this, he might have given up.

So let’s see if I was responsible for the bad luck which the Society thinks I have been thrown.
1. My mother was a raging alcoholic and my parents divorced when I was 12.

Was I responsible for this? Nope.

2. My father married and I has a step mother, whose interest were more inclined with her biological daughter.

Was I responsible for this? Nope

3. I got married and my father passed away when I was 26.

This is where I do feel responsible. Though I was 400 kms away from my father I believe some kind of stress killed my father. If I was a bit more competent and responsible young man, I could have saved him. So indirectly I do feel part of this bad luck of mine.

4. I got divorced after 7 years of marriage.

Looking back I don’t think this is at all bad luck, but yes, I lost all my support system when I separated and I felt I had no one. Not to mention my two lovely kids.

If it was bad luck then I was 100% responsible.

5. I shut down my factory

I had a robbery in my factory. I lost 11 lacs of stock. That was my working capital. I don’t consider it bad luck, but yes, it took away all I worked for 13 years. I was back to square one. It reduced my social status.

I was 100 percent incompetent and didn’t know people could do evil things like robbery.

6. A bank gave me 4 days notice to pay a huge sum or they would auction the house I lived in.

In 4 days I sold the house and paid the bank. But I was thrown out to the expensive rent market and I could never get the same social status of being in your own house. With the current levels of my income, it would probably take me 3 lifetimes to make money to buy a house.

This was the money my father owed the bank. I don’t feel responsible for this situation. Also dad left without a will, so I had a step mom to deal with on property.


So, you have your parents karma which you are not responsible for. Like you inherit your parents wealth and liabilities. This is not your responsibility. But yes, for your decisions. You are responsible.