Autobiography of a Dhonghi (Impostor)

Our time on this earth is limited – Steve Jobs

We all know, we will never get to do all the things we want to do, I am sure the richest man in the world also cannnot be a actor, a singer, a dancer par excellence. Nor are all billionaire’s immortal. 

So why do we lesser mortals aspire for more?  Is there any way to curb these desires? transcending every desire is such a waste of time!

A wise man (again Steve Jobs) said ,

Its not what we keep, it’s what we discard that matters

I have been trying to do the same, discarding each unneccessary veil at a time, so I can see through the duality (maya) and rise above my pain and sufferings. 

A close spiritually inclined friend keeps repeating often,

Manoj, only spirituality sustains us, Nothing else matters! 

I have take the spiritual path many times, its very ardous and tough, if one doesnt have enough “Prana” or “grace” of the Guru. It could be very dangerous and make you a wreak and much misunderstood. It can also make you stupidly egoistic and vain. 

This time I want to tread the path again, but with enough life force in me. Maybe I will start by getting rid of the “mosquito consciousness” in me.