Beautiful wife

She was short, he never thought he would be attracted to someone so
short, after all he had a history of dating tall women. She had a
nakedness in her eyes, you could see her beautiful soul straight
through her eyes and fall in love in an instant. She never thought it was necessary to hide anything, her eyes showed
what she was. He wondered if her husband saw her as he saw her, So
very attractive and desirable? A look into her eyes was enough for him
to forget anything else. He wondered how many years she would have
been married, knowing fairly well, how wrong it was to think like that
about somebody’s else’s wife. But he wondered, nature’s bounty, how
can it be possessed by a single man? Not fair!

She was a beautiful wife. Was she as beautiful a woman, before she got
married? Or does being someone’s wife make her so beautiful? Some
answers really don’t matter…