Bhootnath Reviewed

I landed in the movie theatre about 45 minutes late, though didn’t feel like i had missed much of it, saw lot of kids on summer vacation laughing out loud as soon as i entered, and thought it must be a hilarious movie, and i said what a relief, no more melodrama of a typical Hindi movie.But no sooner that the director starts getting in touch with the emotional side of the audience, and for once he got me, as i sobbed and sobbed in the movie, the theme is all cliche, i have realised that there is nothing more to movies all the themes are have been used, all that matters in this day and age is the packaging.

The Director has used the Ghost(Bhooth) instead of a live person which makes it exciting and different, otherwise its the same thing, about generation gap, how the new generation is materialistic and don’t bother about their parents sentiment, but the packaging is fresh, i loved it. It all and all Amitabh and the little guy’s movie, SRK and Juhi play rather subdued supporting cast.

Now the big question why i sobbed, because

  1. i went to see the movie all alone.
  2. because it deals with father son issue, and son father issue.(working on it)
  3. It does give a message about unconditional love,if love is unconditional forgiveness is automatic.
  4. And superb performance by Amitabh, no matter how many times you see him do these kind of roles.

Definitely worth a watch. i hope i haven’t given the story away :P.