Big Idea 1

The time i spend with my laptop nowadays is humongous,i m cursing myself for not using more of the computer to increase my productivity.I have got a very good web presence,google my name and you can reach me in the first page itself(But WTH would google for me).Work pressure is huge,like Manmohan Singh said yesterday at the NDTV “INDIAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS” show “Courage is grace under pressure”. Mukesh Ambani won the businessman of the year award, i just love this guy, when he speaks i get goosebumps and tears in my eye.Strange i know, he is not talking about the tragedy of his life,but i think i get moved by his vision.

I try to keep my kool, and I am so good at it, but i fear may be i am just bottling up inside.Got a call from the fraud and investigations department, it seem my passwords and user id’s of my bank accounts all got uploaded on the blogspehere, some cross linking i had done with the multiply account,it sucked in to my password secure blog and uploaded my accounts,for once i was grateful to God for not having accounts flushed with money!Ok i have just revealed to the entire world that I am more of a “fool” than a “Fraudster”Here is my list of the safest banks if you are thinking of opening a new account and are going to use the internet for transcations. The safest is 1) HSBC 2)ICICI and the most unsafe is HDFC.

I got blabbering,let me come back to the title of the post,the other day i was whining that I don’t get big ideas, about a few days back i got the biggest idea, and i said WTF I couldn’t think of it before. The idea is bigger than the “nano”. Actually Nano is mighty small for this kind of idea, now i just have to focus in.

Can anyone guess what this big idea is, no its not that “Salsa blog” that I have started, thats just for fun.

Ok here are some hints.

  • Bush started a war for it.

  • Al gore made a movie on it.

  • It’s in the Title of the blog.

  • You can do it at your home.


Okay i got about 5 readers to this blog, and i think they are smart enough to guess it by now.:-).

Will talk about this BIG IDEA in detail, till it get crystallized in my brain, might take a couple of years or decades though,depends on how creative/productive I can be.

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