Billionaire handshake

milestones Oct 09, 2010

I had already resigned to the fact that I would be living a secluded,
unknown, anonymous life and that my contribution to the humanity would
be next to ziltch. It made me feel good that I can do and act however I want as no one
will notice. So having got used to be unnoticed, suddenly last few
days the tables turned.

When I had least expected, I was surprised that my work was getting
noticed as something remarkable. I was invited on a podium to say a
few words, where I absolutely embarrassed myself in front of an
audience by fumbling and not knowing how to speak in public. A politician turns at up my doorstep and invites me personally for an
event, a billionaire shakes my hand and pats my back saying he likes
what I am doing.

I really am not a sucker for publicity, I like to sit on the last
bench and ridicule and critic everyone. I love anonymity, I feel I can
do weird things and not be questioned, like a poor beggar, no one
really cares if he is wearing clothes or not. So finally it’s going to
be a struggle, when you do remarkable work, you can’t help but stand


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