Birthday Wishes

So one more down and not sure how many to go. Preserving the old body takes lot of effort. You have so many things to think off. For eg. how to replenish your gut with good bacteria? how to make sure that your back doesn’t fold up or what is the tingling sensation in the brain? Is it a tumor? Why are my legs aching so much after a short daily walks?


Anyway, a good ol’ friend called said, he had accomplished all the things by the time he has reached my age. I know that was a soft nudge from him for me to think big.

This nudge got me thinking about my ambitions. I realise that I had lot of ambitions but no fire in the belly. I give up too soon. There is no dearth of ambition and passion, but I don’t want to fight every battle. I choose my battles, I don’t intend to win all the wars. I want to win the war which is critical.

Peak to Peak

This friend gave me an example of how a person’s career can leap from peak to peak without every traversing the valley (failures). It feels that life is taking me from one valley to another. There is no hope of feeling the sun on the face standing at the summit.

My Ambitions

I don’t have any ambitions. Ambitious itself is rather ambitious word. I want to have enough money to provide to my loved ones. And in my old age I want to have some comforts.

Childhood Ambitions

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an industrialist (or marry an industrialist daughter atleast). After a bit of growing, I wanted to be a space scientist or some kind of researcher. My schools and college educatioy wringed out all my ambition. It left me unsipired and dull.

to be continued… on next birthday