Bitching about "High Maint"

YAYA…. i got to bitch, whats the use of having relations and not being able to bitch.Bitching is not the prerogative of females, guys can bitch ,write sentimental poems and can dance the sensual bachata.

So here i am in a relationship, i would call it a very close friendship, she doesn’t agree!!!, first she wants it to be “deep”“intense” and now she wants “clarity”. I mean it’s hardly a week, isn’t that too much to expect, how can one be so ambitious??? and demanding,and she calls me dominating.what about some space, lately i have been feeling i have been cheating on myself,i call her “High Maintanence” cause even when she is not there, her presence is felt, isn’t that invading privacy??When do i do my own stuff???

By the way, i have been threatened that if the urge to bitch engulfs me I am supposed to bitch about her to “only her” and “no one else”,if i flirt with some one i am supposed to tell her(cause she is first a friend), only to be kicked in the butt,and she also labels me insensitive and cold!!!!, and then tells me don’t be so sensitive about it.

i guess i am done “FOR NOW”!!!