Blame Yourself Always

You know this is the simplest rule to remember, but we all forget it.

Let me explain

We all depend on others. We cannot survive in this world on our own. Sometimes the people we trust let us down. They might be doing it to protect themselves, but your interests are getting harmed. You are feeling betrayed.

In this case, the mind like a old tape recorder on a loop, will start the never ending blame game. The mind has taken over your being. You are no longer in control. You wish the other person ill. You wish the other person goes out of your life. You want to end this relationship ASAP.

Take Back the control from your mind.

If you are lucky to be aware in these moments of blame game. You need to tell yourself, that “I wont blame the other person”. I will blame myself for all that is happening between the other person and me. You are now the master.

You can now act, you can change your attitude. You can get more and more control over this other person who you think is affecting your life.

You need to blame yourself for

  1. Selecting this person out of poor judgement.
  2. Not communicating well with the person
  3. Not understanding the type and Psyche of the person.

The list can go on….

Be a mortal and blame yourself. Life is much better this way.