Bless you with the small joys of life!

The knock

There was a knock on the door, I opened the door and she said “Oops, looks like i got the wrong house” She smiled, I gave a welcome smile (which said pleasure was all mine)”.

I will never see her again, but yes she made me happy by the dazzling smile of hers.

Lucky Restaurant

You go to a restaurant, its packed to capacity, the manager could easily say “cannot accommodate” since you are a single person and wont add much to the revenue, but then he treats you respectfully, makes some arrangement and gives you a good seat. You smile and say thank you.

My Rs 200/ bill probably didn’t much difference in his bottom line, but he made my dinner!

Sitting all alone

There you are just sitting, without any thoughts and suddenly you feel fireworks in your heart, you are celebrating for no reasons and its all in silence. It lasts for a few seconds if not minutes.

You don’t know what happened to you, what made you so orgasmically happy. You thank God.

Flying Kisses

You are in a foul mood, you start your car and waiting to cross over, when some girl blows flying kisses as part of her dare bet with her bestie.

You are stunned and then laugh it off. But it made your evening.

Salsa Class

Learning dance is complex, you feel so inadequate, but then you cant escape all the time saying you cannot dance and have 2 left feet. (especially if you are a promoter and evangelist).

Your partners try to be nice to you, touch your hand and say you kind of nailed it. You are encouraged to try more complex patterns.

These are some of the small joys in my life, and for now this is what keeps me going.