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Bohemian (Salsa) Memories.

Today a old friend from the Salsa days called. He was an ace dancer plus a Salsa Instructor. He said I dont teach dancing anymore.

This brought back the happy memories of the MUMBAISALSA MEETUP GROUP group. 

My (self)claim to fame in Salsa is not my poor Salsa dancing skills but the because I used to run a community for Salsa right from 2004-2008 organising Salsa parties across various clubs in Mumbai. I wasnt the only one, I had more than ample help from others, but rain or shine every Sunday i showed up at the place to take care of the guests and newbie Salsa enthusiasts who wanted to learn Salsa and dance. As a part of this group, we managed to host more than 150 Salsa parties in Mumbai. 

I call this period the Renaissance period of club Salsa dancing. 

There were other people organising Salsa dance party, but the Mumbai Salsa Meetup Group with me as the Organiser was the only community driven Salsa event happening every week (after week). When I look back I wonder why I did it. I was thinking I would make some money, no I didnt make any. But lady luck shined on me with lady love. I asked her “Why does a beautiful woman like you want to be with me”, She answered, “cause you are the organizer, leader”. Well I guess that was reason enough for me to continue doing what I did as a Organizer of the group.

But like all good things come to end, the energy required to keep the parties were too much, as club owners bickered to us, as Salsa dancing is a loss making proposition for them. They said “no one drinks much”. 

I never made very good friends inn the group, as there is no one in group I met outside our dancing meetups. But they became more like brothers, where a silent relationship with salsa music and salsa dance connected me to them. I love them without having to say so and they probably know about this. Also there are so many newbie boys and girls whose hands I have held and forcefully (bullied) them into dancing with each other. Seeing newcomers on the dance floor, gives me a lot of JOY. I like to see them losing their inhibition and becoming one. 

BTW the club where this all happened majorly was placed in JUHU called BOHEMIA! If you have been part of the MUMBAI SALSA MEETUP, please leave a comment.