Here is a Poem sent to me by my sister. 



I was holding daddy’s hand, and peeping in to the cradle.

There lay a small bundle with closed eyes, all red and wrinkled.

I glance up at Daddy; he looked at you proudly,

Looking back at you, I realized that I will have to share daddy with you.


I hated you a bit, as sharing everything after 5 years of dominance was going to be difficult

I don’t remember, did I pinch you or slap you a little,

Or did I pull your leg and hair!!

You were a cry baby and seeking attention all the time.


I guess, I got used to having you around, as you were a nice child,

I couldn’t be angry with you always

Somewhere my anger changed to love

I became your god mother and like a mafia fought for you among the building kids


I was naïve to think that you needed somebody to hover over and fight for you

You were capable to take care of yourself.

I despair; when world do not treat you well

Your tears and hurt, shreds my heart


I pray that HE bestows you with happiness and peace

Physically I may never be there for you, but remember I have you in my prayers

You are still my little brother, whom I saw 38 years ago

Only difference is that now I look at you with love and pride.


Love you always