Brutal behavior

We are all social beings, but our primal instincts are that of
animals. It’s the instinct of fight or flight. The moment we decide to
fight we are aware of our brutality. No matter how many jazz and poetry concerts I listen too, or wine and
cheese I consume, this brutality in me brings me shame. It’s after all
a fight where the meek shall be butchered.

Once again I had to fight to defend myself, I wish I was not so
insecure, and the brutal fight could have been avoided. My biggest challenge is to rise above this brutal behavior cause this
is not the first time, I have been made aware of my brutal nature.

I hope I can be a gentle breeze, but maybe the storm also serves a
purpose of transformation or releasing bad karma or repressed energy. Till then I will attend more Jazz and poetry concerts and drink
sparking wine with cheese and smoke a Havana cigar. So I can fool
everyone to believe that i am a suave, cultured, and educated