Business Partners invited for Mobile Disco's

I work from home, I have all my clients within 2 kms of the place from my home. In short, I hate travelling in Mumbai. I just cant imagine, taking a local train everyday to someplace called work which has bad toilets and canteen food. 

Now the idea is my social life is suffering as I dont meet anyone who doesnt stay a stone throw away, such is my morbid and diabolic fear of mumbai roads. I have read stories of people breaking their backs and hospitals bill running in lacs for using amchi mumbai roads.

A few years ago I was a Salsa star, going to places as far as lower parel for my Salsa fix, but I have given up that too, cause driving a few hours to dance is just too exorbitant for my austere lifestyle. So I have come with the idea of a Mobile dance club. 

Being a 80’s child, you know how much disco’s are important for us, cause our parents never gave us money to go to one. Now the night clubs in Mumbai are dying precisely for the same reason, it is no longer accessible for middle class blokes like me. So here is my plan,

if you cant go to the disco, we will get the disco to your doorstep

The plan is to buy a bus or mini van which can accomodate 25 to 40 adults (since we are law abiding citizens) , then plug it with state of art “BOSE” sound system and some mind shattering acoustics and amp, and you have a mobile disco ready. Ofcourse a bar is mandatory (have to check the legal view on the same). I think a few crores of investment and we are all set for MOBILE DISCO. You know all the works, wooden flooring, shimming disco balls, laser lights. The bus can a have rooftop bar and lounge where boring people can go and sit and sip while watching the mumbai nightlife! 

We will pick you from your house  and all your guests and you can party in our MOBILE DISCOTHEQUE . BOOK US NOW!