Alien love


We were light years away

Alien for each other, faraway..

Galaxies traversed, stars aligned to see a faint signal of Orion constellation ahead

Yes, we have communicated, but light years apart

We remain strangers, stargazers, hoping to cross the intergalactic highway

Dodging the hurtling meteor showers and asteroids ,

We will see the same sun over our heads someday.



Kurai Onrum Illai (No Regrets Have I) A rendering of the Tamil composition of C. Rajagopalachari

No regrets have I
My lord,
Lord of the Written Word,
My light, my sight,
My very eyes
No regrets,
Though you stand
Where I behold you not
My light, my very eyes,
Protector of all earthlings
I know you sustain me
Lord of the Venkata Hill so pure
You meet my hunger, my thirst
My hope, my prayer
You keep me from harm,
Lord of the Sparkling Gems,
I need naught else
Father of the Seven Hills,
Naught else.

* * *
You stand — do you not? —
Veiled by a screen
Only the learned can part
For they are the learned
Which I am not
But no, no regrets have I.
Crowning this hill
You stand as rock
Giver of Boons
Immutable God
Father to these hills
No regrets have I
Govinda !

* * *
In this benighted Age of ours
Lord —
The worst of all the Four —
You have entered
The sanctum
A shaft of granite
Where though I see you not
No regrets have I.
Boulder of strength
With the Ocean,
Heaving on your breast,
Of the purest compassion —
My Mother,
My very own, who grants
Anything I ask of her
Can I possibly have regrets?
The two of you, I know,
Stand there for me
No regrets have I my Govinda
None, none whatsoever
Govinda! Govinda!
Govinda! Govinda!

Burn the Witch

There has been a deluge
and not a drop to drink
whom do you blame
Burn the Witch
she is there to be claimed.

Famine has ravaged your land, You are hungry for blood
Kill the elderly or force hunger on your kids?
Steak the Witch
cause the Witch is always to be blamed.

The war is over, the conflict is not
you play to win, someone has to lose
Religious fanaticism is the “in” thing
Turn the switch, Burn the witch
she who has to face the blame

Lost your loved one, need someone to cling?
Warm your heart, Bask in the glow
Burn the witch, because she is there always to be blamed!

Simple Love poem by Rabindranath Tagore

The love between you and me is as simple as a song,
No mystery beyond the present ,
No striving for the impossible,
No shadow behind the charm,
No groping in the depth of dark,
This love between you and me is as simple as a song.

Simple love poem by Rabindranath Tagore by Manoj Nayak. Uploaded with SoundCloud iPhone