My Intermittent Fasting Lie

Ok, I wanted to give my stomach a rest. So I thought I will do only one meal a day! The first day I skipped all meals and had my dinner. The result for massive acidity.

So now I do one meal a day, but I snack in the morning, afternoon and early evening. I try to snack something which is just enough to fill the palm of my hand.

Dinner is a bit elaborate sometime, but sometime again it is a small snack. I feel fasting really improves energy level. Heavy meals are a productivity killer. I am extremely wary of over eating and paranoid about over eating.

When people ask me how I am so fit

I am perhaps naturally thin, also I eat less and less. Also I walk like crazy. I love walking. But I am far from fit, stomach bugs, throat infections, tooth issues are my constant companions. But Yeah, I might be looking a bit boyish, which I really cringe at sometimes. I wish I looked more like a grown up man!

But then someone huge men want to look boyish so they could pursue younger women.

Anyway sorry for digressing.

Late 40’s are a crisis. Infact the entire 40’s are a crisis state. I hope 50’s would be much better than this? 40’s is about getting aware of your immortality and your responsibilities for me. I was blissfully carefree till i hit 44 I think.

It is kinda sad, I think i had a privilege life. Some men start earning for their family right at 21.

I just drifted and drifted.


How to HUG someone magically

A hug is magical and esoteric. I shouldn’t even be writing about it.

In a research it was observed that new born babies who were touched put on weight faster and were healthier that the babies who were isolated.

What applies to babies also applies to humans. We as a society have become suspicious of touch. The reason we are suspicious about a Hug is because a hug is hierarchical in nature. For eg. A elder person is more likely to hug a younger person and so on. A more respected person will be the first one to initiate the hug.

Also there is #metoo to consider, what if you feel like giving a female colleague for a job well done?

So now even after reading the political nature of a hug, I would advocate a hug.

BUT there is a right way of hugging someone.

Let me start with some don’t for Hugs.
1. If you ask someone if you can hug him/her, just don’t fucking do it. If you need to get the other person permission to hug. It means you need to create this artificial intimacy (“apnapan” is the right word)
2. If you give hugs as a ritual when you meet someone or say good bye. That hug is again mechanical and is not a healing touch.
3. HUGs are special, don’t stand on the road with a placard saying “ FREE HUGS”. They are farcical and a marketing gimmick.


HUGS should be spontaneous. The person who gets hugged spontaneously is left with a surprise of receiving such a generous gift. HUG is a reward when you are so fond of someone or what the person did for you that you body reacts with the hug. Hug is the human way of saying thank you for being the gift you are for me in the NOW.

I did some fun exercise today – A version of Parkour

Man has been walking since thousand’s of years, but only in the last 100 years or so man has started walking on flat roads. The primitive man walked a lot, but he walked mountains, deserts and valleys.

Today I got sick of walking on a flat surface, so I jumped walls, walked over tree embankments. It felt like I was doing much milder version of Parkour. I immediately built up some sweat, which impossible just walking in this december evening weather.

Do try not to walk on straight roads, find a road which is steep. Try to find something you can climb or jump on during your walk. It is way too fun.

My Quirky Exercising Habits

I have decided against joining any kind of Gym or Fitness classes. The things I want to do for fitness is not offered by anybody in Bandra.

I love long baording, it is one of the best fitness exercise for balance and core strength. I also bought a balance board where I can practise at home.


I am big fan of Ido Portal and his ideas. I love to crawl and don’t miss a chance to crawl in any park.He says if you crawl like a ape you will become very strong. Also he suggest that we hang with our hands. Our shoulders don’t get this exercise. So I try to hang, whenever I am in a park.

If I am not able to manage anything. I at least try to do some brisk walking for 15 mins. I also manage a few yoga sessions a week at home. I have a skipping rope, but I haven’t used it much.

I am very unfit, I have no marathon to run. So this is what my time allows for now.

The Story of my Gut – Part One

I am 20 and in my second year engineering. Exams were on the brink, and I endured first gut problems. Not being equipped for important occasions of life is my USP. I wanted to become an Engineer, without the hard work.

Inside the messy brain of a 20-year-old, there was no time to study. I couldn’t eat and when I needed the energy, my gut betrayed me!!

This is the start of my problems with the gut. I researched on gut issues. This is what I found out.

When the brain is stressed, it needs energy, and it borrows this energy from the gut. The gut sacrifices the energy which it needs to digest. The brain tricks the Gut into False Signals of stress, creating a cycle of sustained indigestion issues.


I flunked maths and other subjects. During non-exams period, the gut didn’t trouble so much.
The 2nd gut incident happened when I was to get married.

continued in Part 2….

Dealing with Insomnia

So I write this post earlier proudly boasting about how I sleep late and do with less sleep to do more.

At the moment I am not so proud of the earlier blog post cause, I have learnt some more lessons currently.

This is is what I have learnt!

The reason why we can’t fall asleep I have gathered is because, after dancing on others tunes/demands during the day, the only time we get for ourselves is after everyone who has been demanding on us, are tired and retired to bed peacefully.

While people who demand the hell out of you during the day are peacefully sleeping, you find yourselves awake as an owl, thinking what the F… is wrong with you. Why can’t you sleep? You dream about a good life with eyes open. Your mind is conflicted between the choices or lack of choices you have. It becomes a viscous cycle, the more you try to sleep, the more you cannot. Sleep happens in a state of effortlessness.

Now, if you are insomniac, you need to take control over your life, and see why people are demanding of you, aren’t you capable of doing what you need to do. Are people exploiting you? it’s all about loving yourself and standing up to people for your health and wellbeing.

I block off people who demand from me and interrupt my thought process, when I want to give myself a lot of time to think I am able to to do of most days, but some days people take over you.

Furthermore, one needs to block friends who try to talk to you late at night, they might be facing the same issues, no time for themselves during the day, and they are besides habitual insomniacs. So you and your friend instead of helping each other to get a healthier sleep end up aggravating the situation.

Some other tips

if you are too hungry before sleep or have had an heavy meal, you won’t be able to sleep. One needs to set the circadian rhythm right, by making sure you go out for a walk before 9am.


p dir=”ltr”>I usually go out the house around 8.30 am to get my poha and cutting chai. This helps me.

One of the most important things to remember is reading is the best sleeping pill. The sense of comfort I feel, reading my kindle before going to sleep is nourishing my soul and mind.

Another common sense avoid the white (blue) light of your mobile phone once the lights are out. It can be mess stuff up.

AmberAvalona / Pixabay