I did some fun exercise today – A version of Parkour

Man has been walking since thousand’s of years, but only in the last 100 years or so man has started walking on flat roads. The primitive man walked a lot, but he walked mountains, deserts and valleys.

Today I got sick of walking on a flat surface, so I jumped walls, walked over tree embankments. It felt like I was doing much milder version of Parkour. I immediately built up some sweat, which impossible just walking in this december evening weather.

Do try not to walk on straight roads, find a road which is steep. Try to find something you can climb or jump on during your walk. It is way too fun.

My Quirky Exercising Habits

I have decided against joining any kind of Gym or Fitness classes. The things I want to do for fitness is not offered by anybody in Bandra.

I love long baording, it is one of the best fitness exercise for balance and core strength. I also bought a balance board where I can practise at home.


I am big fan of Ido Portal and his ideas. I love to crawl and don’t miss a chance to crawl in any park.He says if you crawl like a ape you will become very strong. Also he suggest that we hang with our hands. Our shoulders don’t get this exercise. So I try to hang, whenever I am in a park.

If I am not able to manage anything. I at least try to do some brisk walking for 15 mins. I also manage a few yoga sessions a week at home. I have a skipping rope, but I haven’t used it much.

I am very unfit, I have no marathon to run. So this is what my time allows for now.