The Working Middle Class Man

He is tough. If needed he can get into a fist fight, he is always ready to do anything to defend his zar, zoru and zameen. ( Wealth, Women and Land) and that’s the ultimate duty of this Working Middle Class Man.

He doesn’t like effeminate bullshit like philosophy and discussions, he believes in action. He loves blue collar work, though he himself has managed to prosper in a white collared profession. His aspirations are simple, family, family and family.

He has strict rules in the family. He expects his daughter to be in the house before 8pm. He controls everything in the house. But he is generous when things are going his way. Mind you there is no other way.


Let’s get the definition sorted.

SOCIAL CAPITAL – is like a currency. Suppose you have 10 close friends. They are your social capital. Suppose you are respected and loved by your fans and your community that is again your social capital. So social capital increases if your friends and social circle think good of you and decreases if you are not nice to them.

Social capital is a currency whose values increases and decreases as per time. It is dependent on lot of factors like how much money you have, how influential you are. How you treated a friend of an acquaintance.

CULTURAL CAPITAL – Cultural capital is what is your family background, what class you belong too. What kind of education you received. What kind of social parties you attend. Are you a music or an art connoisseur? The food you consume. For eg. Organic food, Fair Trade coffee etc.

Why People don’t help the people who need help.

Recently I met a man who is part of a very big NGO. He told me curtly “ If you feed stray dogs, there is always a fear that they will come and dirty your front porch”. Another friend was even more blunt, She said “ People who land in this kind of situation probably deserve and get themselves in”.

The whole business of alleviating other people’s pain is Big Business. The problem is the people in the business of alleviating pain can only service the people who can pay them.

Ironically in this case, the people who need help the most, are left unserviced. People who have no money, no house and no relatives are left to die a slow death.

There is some hope. This person from the NGO told me, that NGO’s are better equipped to deal with such people.

I am now considering giving some time to NGO’s.

My Neighbours

I try my best to maintain my privacy, but some neighbours have left a mark on my mind.

For example –

The house next to me, here the noise begins during weekends; there is this handsome guy who brings in a new girl every weekend. I have no issues with that, after all, young people are supposed to be promiscuous, the only issue is that they somehow like to play loud music ( and sometimes moan and groan loudly) while having sex. A few times I have been woken in the middle of the night. Waking up in the midst of the night, will make anybody mad, I am no exception, so I gathered all my courage and knocked on the neighbours door asking them to turn the volume down low. A tall well-built half naked guy partially opened the door while I was mentally visualising getting beaten up, to my surprise he profusely apologised, promising to lower the music and I went back to sleep.

Then there is an uncle downstairs who always picks up my courier when I am not at home, but I just don’t understand why he is always changing his clothes with the door open and looks at me suggestively when I pass. NO!

But the neighbour who scares me most is this beautiful young girl upstairs, whenever she crosses me up in the stairs she looks at me and I feel she is going to jump on me and kiss me. She always tries to brush past me; It makes me wonder why does she like me? I wonder who she is and why she decks up so much and goes out late in the evening. Is she a bar dancer? She frightens me, because she is so beautiful that I wouldn’t be able to resist her, and that could have potentially dangerous consequences like a relationship. What she did next was freaked me out entirely, One weekend when I was blowing the music loud, I heard the bell ring, I checked from the keyhole, it was her. I panicked, and I didn’t open the door. But with a slowly beating heart, I kept on wondering for the next few days, why she had rung the bell?

This building is admittedly impressive, isn’t it?

Moral code of conduct for the social media and blogsphere writer.

Now calling myself a writer would be a unfair to other writers  But I do moderate a 3 large forums with about 8000 fans together. Also I need to amuse my fans and get the discussion going around to keep more fans from joining in social media.

My style is a bit over the edge, every time I post a update, i think my next update should be bolder and more towards the truth than the previous one. The only problem being truth itself is ambiguous by nature, in the sense that there is no my or your truth. How influential and adept are you at putting across your message is what matters. Also what can make a person “Like” your post, might make the other person cringe and purge and probably unfriend and block you.

First of all, if writers are moral and judgemental it would become propaganda or advertising. Writers, i believe write what they feel like writing. Sometimes the words dont come out right, some times they do. Its a hit and miss thing. People on the other hand want to read what they are comfortable with. The writer can either play to the readers or say “bollocks you cunt, i really dont care a fuck.”

I generally go from sober to sleazy to appeal to a broader audience. I stay shy from appeasing popular and mediocre conformist on the forum.  Somehow the mediocre though a big sizeable chuck doesn’t appeal to me. They might appeal to someone who is trying to write a best seller.

On a different note: If you see the top commercial authors in India they are either from MBA school or ex-bankers. Are they businessmen disguised as writers? ex. Rashmi Bansal, Amish Tripati, Ashwin Sanghvi etc etc. 

Anyway, my nightmare as a social media writer is going too sleazy in front of others. It makes me wonder if my mind is very sleazy or its just that somethings are best said beyond closed doors in to someones ears?

Shifted the personal blog to tumblr.

Looks like I will be spending lot of time working next few months, personal blogging breaks the monotony of the work. It makes you feel, you can write about yourself and you actually have a life besides work. 

So Iam back to blogging, but this time I am using tumblr, since posterous is shutting down on 30th April, tumblr seems to be the obvious choice for apparent reasons. 

see you on the other side! 

September Podcast recorded entirely on Garage Band.

It has been almost 4 months, since I uploaded the last Podcast. Recording a Podcast via Audacity was becoming a bit of a pain. So I decided to use the Ipad ios app called Garage band to do the same. The entire process is much much easier via Garageband. 

Check out the Podcast below, it has 3 songs. 

I am so out of the system! Beware!

Its time to warn you all, I cannot be your friend and not warn you, my
conscience prods me to make a confession and to save you from my
prejudices and conditionings when you run across me and happen to
light up a conversation. There is a system, called family. It is the very social fabric of our
society, it is the love we find in this microcosm world which enables
us and gives us strength to do our duties, which might not be very
endearing and appealing sometimes or most of times. It is also the
prime reason we are corrupted in mind and actions. We will risk
anything to save this family, and fight to defend this institution.

Despite knowing all these virtues of the family system, I am
anti-family. These are the things I do to people when I meet people
from the system. So I want to warn you… 1) If someone I know breaks the news of his marriage, I try to argue
with him/her and convince him not to create the greatest blunder of
his life. This is not taken with the love and good intent i mean and
instead I am ostracised by the person and not invited to the wedding.

2) I generally try to stress the costs of raising children and how it
is best to avoid them, I have sometimes subtly hinted on giving up the
kids for adoption to the grandparents. Remember I don’t do this
deliberately , it only comes up from my subconscious mind. 3) For married people, I highly recommend having an extramarital
affair, living alone or better separately legally. This time most
married people agree with me, but say they are helpless. So in this
context I am ironically in the system.

These kind of conditionings of my mind, has thrown me out of the
system, my work henceforth is to create a new system. I feel the above
system is archaic and defunct, some research have already beginning to
show that the aspirations of young people have already beginning to
shift from getting married and starting a family to living alone on
their own and exploring within and outside on what best the world has
to offer. I would like to start a moment towards such a goal of mine, if you
think, you don’t want to be part of this old family values system
(highly advertised by Karan Johar and SRK), drop in a line and we can
collaborate, as i need some more ayes to creat this system.

The disadvantage of creating a system is that it can become corrupt,
and dictatorial and violent, I am not sure I want any violence and its
the very genesis of my opting out of the system. Some more thoughts
and introspection of this ideology is needed. Till then…you have
been warned!

I am not killing myself anytime!

A month back my sister called me, She said she had a dream that I have
a brain tumour and I am dying. After a bit of enquiry with her, she
revealed she had read a particularly dark blog post of mine and that
had impacted her in dreaming such a scenario. I agree, I write dark posts (contrary to my frivolous and callous
nature you might think) about death all the time and people reading
might come to the conclusion that I am dying or I am trying to kill

This is not the case, it’s just that I have been leading a very
regimented life since last year and it means reading a lot of stuff,
pranayama, yoga and a satvic diet and some music and entertainment in
recommended doses and whatever time is left I barely get to keep
myself company. I am certainly not chronically depressed and believe me I am having
the time of life, I truly have the best life in the world.

So darlings, if you been thinking I am not seen around, I beg your
forgiveness, its just I have been busy doing things in my bucket list
and its a long way to go, and so I certainly hope to be around for so
long though you can never be sure with life. I appreciate all the love and concern, but I am not dying yet.

Disillusioned with the Virtual World

A last few weeks have been a wake up call for me. As you all know, I
am very active on the world wide web, I run 5 blogs, maintain 3 
twitter and FB accounts as a consequence I spend all my waking hours
hanging out on virtual or social networks, need less to say this has
been very enriching in terms of acquaintances and friends I have made. I have come across people from varied backgrounds and met some very
intelligent human specimens quite serendipitously which would have not
been possible without the help of the internet. This is the reason I
am so evangelical about Internet technologies and the social media.

But though I know hundreds of people and vice-versa. I feel these
relationship of acquaintances are very shallow. These relationship can
be compared to window shopping without actually buying things, in
short “uncommitted” and “unfulfilled” and only luring. So here disillusioned with my virtual life, I am trying to step out in
to the real world of relationships and making a difference in the real
sense, trying to develop something more gratifying and deeply
enriching experience which no virtual network can provide. Though I am
very adept in using social media and other tools on the internet, I am
a dumbfounded and dimwitted in a real world situation. Virtual world
gives me time for contemplation and edition of my ideas and is very
secure unlike real world where you need to be street-smart, go-getter,
some qualities which I don’t possess.

The experiment I am doing is trying to introduce myself to strangers
and find interesting things about them, or meeting people who I have
only known virtually. I feel my life has been wasted on the security
of virtual networks, i no longer want to be secure, and would rather
live the adventure of the real life. Goodbye to virtual security and hoping to live the real life adventure.