Chicken Stew Mallu Style

I have been eating outside food for last so many days, so cooking a Stew felt so good. A great meal in itself.


2 tetrapacks of Dabur Hommade Thick coconut milk

2 table spoons Ginger garlic paste

2 large onions cut into medium sized squares

1 small carrot diced

4-5 french beans, slit into 1 inch vertical slivers

2 boiled potatoes, diced

1 small capsicum cut in squares

few pieces of cauliflower (reduce or increase qty of veggies depending on preference- I use lots of potatoes)

250 grams Chicken pieces/ chicken sausages/ salami

2 maggi chicken stock cubes

2 sprigs of curry leaves- kaddipatta

4 green chillies- sliced vertically.


Boil potatoes and keep aside.

In a deep pan, pour 2-3 tablespoons of oil and fry curry leaves, chillies and ginger garlic paste.

Add onion, other veggies and chicken pieces(cut into 1/2 inch size). Add salt.

Fry on a medium flame for nearly 15 mins, turning it constantly to avoid sticking to pan.

Add coconut milk (it is quite thick, so fill the tetrapack with water to take out bits still sticking- so equal parts coconut milk & water)

Stir well and increase flame slightly. If you are going to have it like soup- let it be watery.

keep on slow flame a let it stew for 30-45 mins.