Clear and present danger

Most of our lives we try to avoid situations where we would have to face our “worst fears come true” and again ironically the whole point of existence is in outgrowing one’s fear and realizing our true potential. Once a friend remarked “manoj you are very interesting, you like to get in to trouble”. Contrary to it, I don’t like trouble, I avoid it.Yes, some experiences have made me fearless in certain aspects of my life, but in certain areas I have been running like crazy, getting chased by fear for years, it has driven me crazy, the fear has haunted me, I become a recluse, shut myself up to the world.

Finally the day has come my consciousness has shifted ,I am no longer chasing my “worst fears coming true” . I want to meet it halfway, and see how it goes, I want to embrace it, love it, and ask “so what have you got ” .