Cold Turkey

I feel like an alcoholic who cannot beat up his wife! 

I feel like a son, whose father has stopped his pocket money!

I feel like a smoker who stays up till 2am, to realize that he is out of smokes and all the pan tapris are closed!

I feel like a sex addict, whose porn collection has been destroyed!

I feel like a gambler, who has ran out of his luck!

I feel like an centipede, who has been cut into halves!

What happens to you, when the thing which is a constant source of happiness is taken away from you abruptly! without any reason or justification,

What happens to you when someone plays God and says “Thats it! you shall have it no more!!!”

Here the Mobile phone mechanic who took my iphone for very minor “aesthetic” repair played God, and snatched away my source of Happiness and I am going “COLD TURKEY”