Crazy dreams today

I love to get dreams, i feel like full paisa vasool if I get the
maximum number of dreams in sleep. It’s a magnum opus dream, if it’s a
chain of continuously funny dreams.

I wake up more refreshed with a smile, after such a good night sleep.
I can only remember a few now, but I was dreaming through out last
nights sleep.

Dream 1. 3 friends kidnap me in my sleep, so I could watch this event,
yes! I wake up at a party in my pyjamas, to be told that, you wouldn’t
wake up so we had to pick you up in sleep and bring you here. Dream 2. My house has got a swimming pool in the basement and a food
court on the terrace. And I have some sweet company in the swimming
pool, & it’s a heated swimming pool.

But in this dream, I was worried sick about my electricity bills,
while enjoying the warm water in my basement swimming pool. Nice dreams? I don’t get psychedelic dreams though, and maybe some
angels and fairies and some gods & goddesses in the dream would be welcome!