Crime,polygamy,activism,bollywood trash.(Rant)

Warning: I am writing this post as I can’t think of anything better to do, so read only if you have nothing better to do!

Crime is an act which is against the law.

I not a lawyer or an expert in law, but what I know is a law is made by passing a bill in the parliament, a bill can only be passed if you have enough legislative members backing you. So it seems a bill becomes a law only if enough people vote for it, and any one violating the law is committing a crime.

Since we know that A=B=C. It can be said a crime is only a crime by virtue of it not being able to get enough votes. Otherwise what we think of as crime could have been very legitimate act.

So this is the essence of democracy. Suppose a bill is passed to make marijuana legal, but if it fails to have enough people to vote for it, it will never see the light of the day, and millions of marijuana users will be committing a crime, as it well proven that marijuana is about 50% less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes.

Thus it becomes imperative that a certain critical mass (majority) is needed to make something you desire legal or to make something which is wrong a right.

 How does one (person/organization/section of society) go about to reach this critical mass? Suppose hypothetically speaking I want to pass a law which says it is legal for a husband to have 2 wife’s. How do I go about gathering this critical mass support so this can be legitimatized in law? I guess for this to happen, there have to be enough men who want this. Statistics from American sex survey states that the secret fantasy of every man is two sleep with two women together, Just like our beloved Mahatma. So interpreting Indian men being not much different, maybe even worse than Americans, all Indian men should support this law right???

I can’t speak for women, but I think women can also choose whatever they want, if they can get enough votes, This post  shouldn’t  be misconstrued as anti-feminist.

Sometimes it takes activist like Martin Luther King who fought for black rights or Harvey Milk who fought for gay rights to garner this kind of mass support.

What makes these men fight for rights on behalf of others, risking their own life. I wish I could point out some Indian activist, why haven’t we made movies on Baba Amte. Why is bollywood always trashing the same stuff?

Okay I guess this rant ends here, cause I can barely keep my eyes open.