Criticism of our work.

Migrant workers – 

This morning, when i went to for a cutting chai, i saw a scene being created by a few BMC officials with the chaiwala. They were asking 500 Rs fine, for illegal hawking. The chaiwala was serenely blissful while the BMC officials forcefully seized his container from which he dispenses tea. After that the BMC guy again using all maa bahen gali was threatening to take the chaiwala to the police station. The entire time the chaiwala was not disturbed at all. He was composed and cool. Finally he paid up and the BMC officials let him go.  

I am sure if the same thing had been done with a marathi or the son of soil illegal hawker, there would have been a ugly scene? Anyway the indignation faced by the son of the soil is greater than the migrant worker, who knows that if nothing works out he will return to his village, and then come back after sometime, when things have cooled down.

The migrant worker has nothing to lose, everything is a bonus. I am not critiquing the migrant workers, but rather admiring their coolness in face of such filthy treatment. 

So i was wondering if we all carry a attitude of “I don’t have anything to lose” can we be all cool, calm and composed in face of threats and criticism to our work? Or should we like son’s of the soil take our fight right in and crush our adversary for some pitiful gain? 

 I have lately been losing my temper of late on silly things related to work. Maybe I have nothing to lose? Maybe losing your temper is not such a bad thing, but i would rather keep it to myself and channelise it.