“The ultimate reward for any person is when he is appreciated by his parents”, well I don’t say that but I think it is  Sigmund Frued.

My Dad was a charismatic person, he was tall (6.1”), broad built and fair.I am not so tall, not broad and definitely not fair. I remember how people got impressed with him easily,he was an Engineer from VJTI, he had fancy cars, mercs, toyota ,gypsy and etc etc, 3 ,4 factories, and poor relatives. I remember one day when I went to the bank with him, how the women in the bank started comparing me and my dad(those were the days when banking was personal and there was no IVR,and banks were his playground), they were saying , “oh he is not as tall as his dad” rather disappointingly . I felt bad about it, that I didn’t have his kind of personality where people would get attracted to me.

All along in my growing years I tried to be like him, he was a business man, so I never had any urge to ever think of a job.He was tall and I would hang on bars to grow tall, all the gymming didn’t do the trick either.But I realize I cant be his carbon copy,I am a individual with a different blueprint, and that I might have some talents and attributes which would make me special(hopefully).

Retrospectively I realize that this image of a larger than life charismatic personality was well created by him, he always wanted to show me that he was capable of anything and everything, and he was fearless. When I would raise question about his passing of his knowledge and legacy in an organized manner, he would get irritated and tell me ” I am going to live to be 100″ that’s what my kundli says, he passed away at 61.I used this security of his living to be 100, to my advantage and wasted a quite a few many years day dreaming instead of assuming any responsibility,I wish he had talked about his fears and insecurities, that he was not larger than life, and he was as vulnerable as any guy out there is, maybe I could have helped him share his burden, deal with his issues, I don’t know what is right and wrong but if I had to raise kids I would let them know about my insecurities and fears , take my children’s help to deal with life, after all evolution is always progressive,children are smarter than their parents.

So lesson to be learnt for Dad’s from my experience.

  • Talk about your fears and take help from your children.

Lesson for kids

  • Show some compassion you are probably too young to understand the complex emotions of matured,experienced grownups .i.e your parents.

I hope Dad appreciates this post.