Dating Advise

Now don’t you wish your grand mother or Grand father has given you some dating advise earlier in your life and you could have completely avoided some bad relationships.

Here is some from the podcast I recently heard. These are the 6 filters to know what kind of person you are dating. Not being in sync with either one of them means friction.

In my first relationship I think I was not in sync with 4/6, in my second big relationship I was not in sync with 3/6 and in my third again 3/6.

The maximum risk for not aligning with these filters is 2. So If you are not aligned with your partner in more than 2 of these qualities, it better to do a rain check. This is all better explained in the podcast here

  1. Mind – you have comparable degree of intelligence.
  2. Money – Same sense of money and same goals.
  3. Morals – values/virtues.
  4. Manners – Same idea of what is right.
  5. Monogamy – Same idea of what relationships is.
  6. Marx brothers – Same sense of humour.

Happy Dating!!!