Dealing with Insomnia

Dealing with Insomnia

So I write this post earlier proudly boasting about how I sleep late and do with less sleep to do more.

At the moment I am not so proud of the earlier blog post cause, I have learnt some more lessons currently.

This is is what I have learnt!

The reason why we can’t fall asleep I have gathered is because, after dancing on others tunes/demands during the day, the only time we get for ourselves is after everyone who has been demanding on us, are tired and retired to bed peacefully.

While people who demand the hell out of you during the day are peacefully sleeping, you find yourselves awake as an owl, thinking what the F… is wrong with you. Why can’t you sleep? You dream about a good life with eyes open. Your mind is conflicted between the choices or lack of choices you have. It becomes a viscous cycle, the more you try to sleep, the more you cannot. Sleep happens in a state of effortlessness.

Now, if you are insomniac, you need to take control over your life, and see why people are demanding of you, aren’t you capable of doing what you need to do. Are people exploiting you? it’s all about loving yourself and standing up to people for your health and wellbeing.

I block off people who demand from me and interrupt my thought process, when I want to give myself a lot of time to think I am able to to do of most days, but some days people take over you.

Furthermore, one needs to block friends who try to talk to you late at night, they might be facing the same issues, no time for themselves during the day, and they are besides habitual insomniacs. So you and your friend instead of helping each other to get a healthier sleep end up aggravating the situation.

Some other tips

if you are too hungry before sleep or have had an heavy meal, you won’t be able to sleep. One needs to set the circadian rhythm right, by making sure you go out for a walk before 9am.


p dir=”ltr”>I usually go out the house around 8.30 am to get my poha and cutting chai. This helps me.

One of the most important things to remember is reading is the best sleeping pill. The sense of comfort I feel, reading my kindle before going to sleep is nourishing my soul and mind.

Another common sense avoid the white (blue) light of your mobile phone once the lights are out. It can be mess stuff up.

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