Death of a Romantic Fantasy - Part 1.

Sometimes writing flows from you, and at times like these, you have to force yourself to write, not that I hate writing, but the idea is half baked and you are sure it would make a stupid blog post.

I haven’t been able to sleep,  I am sure insomniacs write a lot. so I figured the best thing would be to kill my romantic fantasy. Let me give it a shot.

Romance is the first harbinger of love, its the petrichor fragrance from the damp earth you smell when its going to rain love. But then rain is unpredictable, so is love. All you get is a few droplets.

You are left thinking whether you actually saw the right signs, what went wrong, what was the faux paus in your entire line of feelings and intuitions?

So now lets shoot the messenger because the message he got us was wrongly interpreted by us. Lets shift the blame on the messenger, but here the messenger was your own instinct , your own intuition. How many times has it mislead you, still you trust it like a beacon in the ocean of mystery.

If romance is not followed up by love, what was it that transpired, why do we crave for complete experiences? Why are we already prefixed with the idea of and ideal love? Our human conditioning’s are designed to trouble us,  pain us and result in agonizing sufferings.

Somewhere though we want to get rid of this conditioning, it wont let us get rid of it. Its like we need gravity on this earth to survive, pain and sufferings seem such ubiquitous part of our DNA.

I guess, I am just reasoning out and don’t have the means to end this romantic fantasy. I am the creator of this fantasy and how is that I cannot destroy it? why and when did it spiral out and take energies of its own?

Unsuccessful Attempt – wait for part 2 of this blog post.