Death of desires

You desire something so badly and you just cannot get it, how long
would you strive before you give up? Is the giving up in your own
hands or the desire has to subside and die off? or one has to become
old and wither off? Peace of mind will only come in 2 situations 1) If you get what you
DESIRE OR 2) If you just forget about it altogether.

But if your being craves for that object of desire, you will burn in
hell, you wont settle for something else. I am tormented, my desires
are small, but I cant give up on something, I cannot compromise with
life, I would rather break than bend. I wish i could kill my desire,
so I could be in peace, knowing that what I want is just way out off
my means and just give it up forever. I wonder why I have raised my
standards so high that i cannot settle or less, or am I just blind. I don’t understand why I have this particular desire and not
some-other particular desire which I could full-fill and have the self
confidence of having achieved it.

Death of a desire comes like a relief, I am tired with having desires
which cannot be met. Please GOD Kill these desires so I can rest in
peace and be born again.