Demystifying intuition

Intuition is the most abused word in recent times, any stupid person will take any random decision and base it on their so called “Intuitive Powers”.

But honestly decision making would be such a inefficient activity if people didn’t channel their intuitive powers.

One philosopher has defined “Intuition as nothing more than refined thinking”. There is no super power, no clairvoyance, just refined thinking. I have started believing that.

I have bull-shitted every person who claims to have intuitive powers, but embarrassingly I have relied on my intuitive thoughts to make some major relationship decisions.

Decisions are always based on certain assumptions or facts, and we take a calculated decision But in certain cases, the heart just follows contrary to what the facts and logical conclusion should be.

Intuition is a big mind fuck, it makes you pretty insecure, as you are about to loose control of what is known and enter into the murky or magical realm of the unknown.

Can we trust our intuition , this biological gift for survival has become a tool for making profits? Have we deteriorated or is this just a survival instinct?