Deshpande Sir

For 5 long years I had only one tuition teacher. He would teach me everything from Maths to History. His name was Despande Sir. He was not a teacher by profession, he was a clerk in a bank. Before me he has taught my two elder sisters. He was passed down to me.

Everyday for an hour and half in the evening he would come to my house and try to tutor me. I was a wall, I didn’t understand a creature like him. I thought he was dull and boring. He knew I was a lost person. He would often go out of his way to instil some value in me. I never took him seriously. He was not successful businessman like my father.

One day after an bad report on my calendar in school, I had tried to sign my Dads signature. I told Deshpande Sir, that I am scared of showing the report to my father. One thing he told me has stuck to this day.

He said – “ If you are scared of your father, the one who loves you. How will you ever face the other people in the world.”

I had no idea of what he meant, but it made sense somehow and I am not able to forget those words. Now I know what he meant.

I didn’t respect my mother. I thought she was a loser. On my birthday Deshpande Sir gifted me a book. It was a Marathi book called “Shyamchi Aai”. The Book is tribute to all mothers. I used to only read English then. I never touched the book.

A few days back I started reading “Shyamchi Aai”. A bit too late, but it is never too late.

Thank you Sir.