Desires Vs Goals.

We desire a lot of things , but expect to achieve our goals. They may
be short term, long term or very long term.

Sometimes these desires are in direct conflict with your goals. Are
your goals aligned with your desires? This is a dilemma, should one
pursue desires or should one focus on goals!

Let me give a analogy to explain how a desire can be in conflict with
your goal. Your desire is to go on that exotic vacation which will set
you back by say 2 lacs, but your financial goals don’t allow you to
indulge in your desire of pursuing an exotic vacation for next 3 
years. Unless you can satisfy both the conditions, only then will your
desire be aligned with your goals! I find the whole idea of Goal setting very ridiculous, when the world
is so fragile. But at the same time I feel that not having any goals
makes one lose focus and one might become frivolous with the current
resources. So it’s advisable to have realistic goals!

Now do you give into your desires or do you stick to your goals? This
kind of sticking to your goals can be very stifling, Particulalrty
when it is a common goal, when the decision is taken jointly in a
family. The more dominating member of the family usually will rule,
unless it’s a democratic family :P. This can be good, if the
dominating member of the family is not a gambler/drunkard or a
womaniser, in short the most dominating person needs to be of a very
strong nature and should have head on his shoulders. I am trying to set some goals, personal/financial/physical, and I
need help, I need team members, I need tools and softwares, I need
logic based on understanding.

Let me know, if you are on the same journey? We can form a fb group. (kiddin).