Destroy Yourself.

save-the-planet-kill-yourselfI am often alone at coffee shops. This is my period of alone ness where I hope to discover the nuances of life. I don’t prefer company nor seek for it (but i do long for it). So coffee shops are where I over hear conversations other people are having. Somehow i think people at coffee shops are having more interesting conversation than I could ever have with anybody. I also wonder if someone has ever sneaked on my conversation when I was meeting someone and was so engrossed that I probably didn’t notice the snoopers.

So this conversation was between a young pretty (short hair, mini jeans shorts, wheatish, tall) in her mid 20’s girl and the guy was probably in his mid 30’s  a scriptwriter or a director (paunchy, unkempt, intellectual, horny but decent). The conversation was basically the young actress trying to seduce the guy to give her free advice on how to become a better actress.

I didn’t pay attention to most part, but when the guy advised her that to improve her acting, she has to “DESTROY HERSELF” my interest peaked in the conversation. The girl was dumbfounded and kept asking repeatedly “But how do i destroy myself”. The guy was not ready to dole out the answer without further incentive, and he just kept saying “destroy yourself”.

So hope you enjoyed this eavesdropping on my blogpost, which actually is a anecdote about eavesdropping.

BTW Don’t you think Falling in Love is the best way to destroy yourself?

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