Disappointment 2014.

Relationships Jan 01, 2014

disappointment-expectation-realityI play it safe, I generally don’t put my self in places where I am going to be disappointed. I think my ability to adjust and smartly get out of sticky situations is one of the reasons I rarely get disappointed. But I think the first lesson we can teach any person crawling out of the womb is on how to handle disappointment. As one find day, when things don’t go our way, we start getting disappointed in our brothers, our lovers and our spouses. Its inevitable to be disappointed with others, at-least for me, I have too much unproven faith in my ability and too less of a faith or love for other people.

But soon you run out of people to blame for your misery, soon you run out of people who can take the blame for you. Also if you are truly fucke* if the other person you want to pin your troubles, decides to hit back and you discover you cant cover yourself and no one would cover for you. So doing some smart thinking, I have decided that if I am disappointed with something, I must have started the entire thing in a wrong way, I must have started something with expectation and not for the love of it. When something or someone is a means to and end, you are bound to be disappointed, but if the same things is a means and end to itself, there is no expectations. You are going to make the best of the situation and work towards that something with all the love and attention instead of “objectifying” the thing or the person.

Did you get it? that means there is no setting of bench mark , there is no goals, there is no expectations. There is no time, only space. The down side about these kind of people who have no goals and expectations is that they lose perspective and become passive or losers. They become nice guys, and there is certainly a negative connotation about being nice. But if you do this exercise with awareness than you wouldn’t be victimised for being a nice guy.

Think about it, lets be nice guys?




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