Disillusioned with the Virtual World

A last few weeks have been a wake up call for me. As you all know, I
am very active on the world wide web, I run 5 blogs, maintain 3 
twitter and FB accounts as a consequence I spend all my waking hours
hanging out on virtual or social networks, need less to say this has
been very enriching in terms of acquaintances and friends I have made. I have come across people from varied backgrounds and met some very
intelligent human specimens quite serendipitously which would have not
been possible without the help of the internet. This is the reason I
am so evangelical about Internet technologies and the social media.

But though I know hundreds of people and vice-versa. I feel these
relationship of acquaintances are very shallow. These relationship can
be compared to window shopping without actually buying things, in
short “uncommitted” and “unfulfilled” and only luring. So here disillusioned with my virtual life, I am trying to step out in
to the real world of relationships and making a difference in the real
sense, trying to develop something more gratifying and deeply
enriching experience which no virtual network can provide. Though I am
very adept in using social media and other tools on the internet, I am
a dumbfounded and dimwitted in a real world situation. Virtual world
gives me time for contemplation and edition of my ideas and is very
secure unlike real world where you need to be street-smart, go-getter,
some qualities which I don’t possess.

The experiment I am doing is trying to introduce myself to strangers
and find interesting things about them, or meeting people who I have
only known virtually. I feel my life has been wasted on the security
of virtual networks, i no longer want to be secure, and would rather
live the adventure of the real life. Goodbye to virtual security and hoping to live the real life adventure.