Do you want to know, what is my biggest f**kng problem in life?

Posted from: Maharashtra, India You might think its relationship, women, kids,money!!!! You are way OFF!!!

The thing which has been bugging me for last 13 years of my professional life is “PAPER” .

How to manage paper??? where to file them???? does the CA need them??? does the government really care about all the paper it asks us to maintain???? Is it a ploy of the politicians along with the bureaucrat to dumb us down??
Al those lawyers sending me notices, recently I got a notice from a pune advocate IDEA Telecom for not having paid 298 Rs. Come on!!! Give me a BREAK!!!!

I dont have those credit cards, still I get bills regularly from like 3 credit companies! for like 300 bucks per comapany.
I want a paper free world, imagine the number of trees massacred, just to send me some paper to file. Would someone stop sending Paper to me. Is the Shivsena or MNS listening, Im a marathi manoos almost from Goa or Managalore.

I swear I have never used paper to sell my products or myself, I do lot of spamming though I confess.
I want to end this conversation with a warning, if you send me paper note or paper notice, I will KEEL U!!!!!