Dreaming Big will make you unhappy.

What are those small things you enjoy? Let me know.

Dreaming Big will make you unhappy.

We get obsessed when we are kids with becoming an adult. Adults do great things like becoming the Prime Minister, become an Industrialist etc.

I, too, got sold on this dream of becoming big. Becoming Big or Dreaming Big is a Goal. We set our sights on the goal, without even thinking if that goal is the right goal for us. You want to become the Prime Minister you need to be open to the possibility of getting assassinated. (like late Rajeev Gandhi). If you want to be famous, you can forget the luxury of being anonymous and will have to live up with the perpetual hounding by paps and fans.

It is the small things which make you happy.

This sounds very cliché so we pass this off without a thought. It sounds too simple to be taken seriously. It is so insignificant that we don’t even want to think about this phrase.

So, what are these small things?

These are the small things which have given me immense joy in the past.

  1. Walking with a friend
  2. Dining with a woman
  3. Lying on the floor on my stomach. (I just did that and got the idea for this blogpost)
  4. Being able to smell the aroma of the food you cooked.
  5. Looking out of the window
  6. Going on a road trip with family
  7. One-to-one talk with someone
  8. A big gathering and collective cooking.
  9. All Sleeping in the same room (with family) on an outing.

Ok, you get the point. If not, let me explain.

Most of these points except some are with other people. Time spent with others is the most precious and priceless gift. Of course there has to be purity in the companionship. If there is an agenda, then you need to take the hard decision to rather be alone.

Chase the small things in a Relationship.

Don’t get into a relationship because you are lonely. It is better to be alone and figure out what you want in a relationship. Don't get involved with someone because both of you are miserable.

In couple relationship also it is not the big goals like marriage, or how many times you have had sex counts. It is the small gestures and sentiments you exchange which makes it bloom. Don’t chase big goals like giving her a diamond ring or taking her on an exotic vacation. See if your relationship has those small magical moments. Big things like marriage, kids, should not be the end goal.

What are those small things you enjoy? Let me know.