Eaves dropping on my Uber pool co-riders.

Eaves dropping on my Uber pool co-riders.

It is a long ride to Powai considering the Friday evening. I carried my iPad and my 500 GB hard-drive to binge on videos.

As soon I got into the cab, I tried connecting to the wireless drive. Something has gone wrong. Meanwhile, the driver is fetching the other co-passengers.

Young Girls

So here come 2 young girls, they ask me if I could shift in the front seat? I cringed at being displaced from my comfort zone, but they looked thick friends and I didn’t get in the way.

The Conversation

I got interested in fun talks the girls were having and listened. One liked music and was playing English songs while the other girl wanted to listen to Hindi. They were best friends and had affiliation with Hyderabad. One was trying to talk about her ex’s and her current relationship but the younger girl kept changing the topic to music or crack a funny joke.

One had a nice husky and seductive voice while the younger one as the older one said was “besuri” (one who cannot sing in tune).

They read the WhatsApp a guy sent them ” Baby you are so HOT, I blame you for global warming.” I found the message funny and wondered if I should send it to a crush, but disposed off the idea.

The girls used the “F” word a few times, and addressed each other as bitches” now and then, but the usage of such words declined over the time of the ride. Maybe it was a sub-conscious defence, in response to being in a closed enclosure with total strangers.

Bye Bye

The younger one thanked me for adjusting and apologised for the trouble. I looked at her surprised but gathered my wit soon enough, to remark “You are welcome” before she got off.


Do you take Uber pool, do you eavesdrop?