Energy Exchange!

We can read and go to a faraway land but in the end we have to come back and face ourself.

We can watch movies, when we are bored, go out and have a great time with the ones we love. But when the love becomes monotonous, we come back to face ourself.

We can pretend to be in love with someone or care for someone, but if the other person doesn’t believe it, the trip is cut short and we come back to face ourself.

So we feed on external energies till they can sustain us, but why does it run out sooner or later like love in marriages? Isn’t there a mutual energy exchange in all telepathic transactions? Can we see our gentle reflection in other people and activities than to be back to square one after a bad breakup and face ourselves in the mirror and question our own self worth?

The energy exchange is a tricky thing, the sender wants to give, but the receiver doesn’t want to receive. This makes the sender come back to himself and question the worth of his gifts. Should the sender give it to whoever is ready to receive the energy or he should wait for someone worthy and who is willing to receive this and needs this energy.

Does the energy sent back to the sender, compound like money in the banks or in the stock market? Will it be more valuable and appreciate like Gold or real estate, if not where does one invest this energy, this unsolicited energy, where can it be locked up?

Do we treat these invisible energy like we treat money in the market economy. Are these energies different from just plain material wealth?

The discussion about energy exchange is endless, i don’t know answers to these answers, but this is what makes the world go around, Iam sure.