Expanding your consciousness.

Expanding your consciousness.


Consciousness as defined by UGK is the content of your being. Everything which makes you.

Sometimes, I feel the space around me contracting, people sucking the life out of me for their own desires, their fears, they project on your consciousness they demand answers to question, they feel it’s their fundamental right to own your time and attention and bring you down on your knees. Strangers asking for attention, marketers demanding you go and buy their products. Everyone wants to be a part of your consciousness but you need to be true to your calling your goal and not let it become impure.

When consciousness expands you see things in slow motion, you see things with better focus, and not just a random noise, you see things which you are meant to see. This is to reach your life goal, rest of the things really don’t matter. So no personal hard feelings towards those who were not paid their dues, no hard feelings for not calling up, no hard feelings for not loving you.

I am just following the divine will.

If you feel overwhelmed and feel your consciousness contracting, relax , forget about your petty problems , appreciate this wonderful world for just the way it is and you will see the world expanding.