Expectations & Assumptions

Expectations are different from hope, expectations are basically
arrived at, by taking in to account a few assumptions.

Hope is based on faith, while expectations are based on reasonings
taking in consideration certain assumptions. While we all know that
“Assumptions are the mother of all fuckups” . Then it would be very
reasonable to conclude that “Expectations are the mother of all
fuckups” right?

Anyway my grouse is with the all those preposterous assumptions we
make in life, on behalf of our lop sided reasoning which actually limits us, 
and in short is my sad story. Okay, I assumed a few things in my life and I have fallen flat on my face
so many times. But the point is no one can be sure of anything and one
has to assume certain things based on your knowledge and introspection
OR how about trusting your instincts for making assumptions?? (risky?)

I regret that i haven’t turned my assumptions upside down or have not
played enough with them. Assumptions are our security net, we assume
certain people are bad and stay away from them, we assume certain
people are good so we choose to like them. We assume certain things
are good or bad, we assume something’s as possible and something’s as
impossible. So the point i m trying to make here is that, our
assumptions define our limitations. Beliefs are something more rigid, assumptions can be played around, to
change beliefs would be very difficult or I would say a its a
superhuman task.

Take all your assumptions on a quiet day and meditate over it, toss it
around, turn it upside down, and a new vision starts to appear.
Instead of dreaming, you could start hoping for a lot more than you
expected from your life.