Extra-marital affair

Haven’t been writing any romance on my blog lately. So here is another
corny romantic poem. I am the king of corn! 😛

You are hot
But your husband is short
Use his money, take my love
And let all your blues disappear .
I have no right to dream about you
Sinse you are not mine
But I don’t know how to stop these recurring day dreams of you and me.

We are soul mates don’t you see?
I understand your quest for outward journey, but for the inner journey
it is going to be only me! I am your best friend’s husband and you say it won’t do.
But has anyone made you feel better than I do?

Listen to your heart, We have known each other from years ago,
And if you need to tell me something, you just need to raise a brow. Hope we never meet and our love dies in our hearts.
But who knows in the end, God’s will might still survive!