Fame and Money bought to you by Lucifer.

God sent his favorite angel Lucifer to earth to find a man and grant him fame and money. Lucifer has trouble finding a suitable canditate as the rich are engrosseed and the poor are blind. But after searching high and low, Lucifer comes across a man who is starving and is waiting for mercy from the heavens above.

Lucifer seeing the man has not eaten for days, offers him some of the finest pastries and cakes. Obviously the man refuses. Then Lucifer tells him that God has granted him fame and money, and whether he wishes to receive it??

The man again denies it, he says

I would rather have

a love of a woman,

kisses from the daugter

smiles from the son

hugs of a father

warmth of a mother

wisdom of my brothers/sisters.

Lucifer is still looking for a suitable candidate.