Fear of Criticism.

Recently I was reading an article by Devdutt Patnaik, India's great young Mythologist, where he refers that “Fear” is basically the inabilty to face criticsm. This really struck me, I indeed hate to be criticised, so I would rather hangout with people who would say nice things to be or have something lacking in them which I have in abundance, this balances out what they have in abundance, so its a win-win situation.

But now that i know, i am extremely sensitive to criticsm, whether its regarding my work or my personal life, i hate to be told i am wrong. But this just blocks me from growing and improving my life.

I have decided to fish for criticsm, the idea is to go on offensive, not behave like a obedient good boy, but actually not comply so people would tell me that I am wrong, that I am unporfessional, that I am a idiot, that I am just a stuck up guy, I am a negative guy.

This is the best way to get criticsm your way, I know people dont want to hurt me, but they say these things behind my back.

Oh, he can never stick to one thing.

He doesnt value money.

He is irresponsible.

He is a provincial guy. (not well travelled)

He has a terrible ego.

So, people if you want to criticise, I am all ready for you. Fire!!